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Powering Digital Native

We service digital transformation initiatives across specific industries and functions to help create Digitally native organisations.






We focus only on three industries and the focus helps us optimize our services for the domains, also catering to and customizing the offerings for the domain problems.










Our Expertise and Capabilities

We offer services across the stack for a digitally native implementation.


Digital Experiences are powered by a strong understanding of the digital consumer and their expectations.  Our COE builds and experiments with latest concepts and technologies in

  • User experience design for mobile, web and chat interfaces.

  • Full stack development for Web and Mobile

  • Mobile Apps

  • Text based interfaces - chat


Digital enablement of existing Enterprise processes and workflows are required for enabling a digital enterprise.


Our COE trains and builds solutions using Business Process Management tools effective solution development and management.

  • Pega Low-code Platform.

  • Pega Infinity Suite


Digital Processes enable a zero-touch experience for customers driven by Intelligent automation. Our COE evaluates and determines best practices and experiments with rapid advancement in tools and technology.

  • Robotic Process Automation with UiPath and Open Source

  • Intelligent Automation with use of AI and models.

Data & Cloud

Digitally native enterprise need scale and a solid data strategy and fabric for enabling analytics and AI.  We work with leading cloud providers in configuring and leveraging their toolset effectively in meeting objectives for an effective data fabric and scalable cloud infrastructure.

  • Data Management with Azure SQL, Data bricks, Synapse, Purview and Power BI.

  • Cloud deployment and CI/CD with Azure and AWS - native and kubernetes based.

  • Cloud services for AI and model management.

Service Offerings

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Process Discovery & Advisory

We provide time bound discovery and advisory sprints for identifying revenue saving and optimization opportunities from existing processes.

  • Discovery Workshops & Prioritization of Automation Opportunities.

  • Change management advisory required for different functional touch points.


Build Experiences & Automation

We provide time bound discovery and advisory sprints for identifying revenue saving and optimization opportunities from existing processes.

  • Outcomes based engagements for Savings with automation.

  • Sprint velocity SLA's based engagement with defined pods based on velocity requirements.


Operate Automation, Data & Cloud

We operate existing automation solutions, data pipelines and cloud deployments to continuously keep them operating at the required SLA's.

  • Operate, Fine tune and recaliberate automation solutions with new data and process changes.

  • Operate and refine data pipelines for ever changing data needs.

  • Operate and optimize cloud deployments for scale, performance and cost.


The execution of all the service offerings use an Agile approach with well-defined sprints and a baselined velocity for story points.

Methodology for Digital Process Acceleration



Consolidate all the processes within the enterprise into a common process fabric. Get rid of rework, bottlenecks and deviations and improve time to market.



Automation creates opportunities for optimizing processes by removing unnecessary process steps.Enabling RPA and cognitive automation is instrumental in cost savings via efficiency gains.



Optimize, automate and create processes that are not dependent on human intervention.enabling Digital Workforce results in reduction in errors.



Re-imagine processes within a digital experience leading to personalized and superior customer experience and growth opens the various opportunities for generating new revenue streams.

Case Studies - Use cases for digital

Care Management

Identify high risk patients and manage the risks and health outcomes for your patient population

Pricing Intelligence

Be on top of competitor pricing changes by automating pricing research. Predict and preempt pricing changes using AI.

Customer 360

Create a 360 degree view of the customer engagement with the organisation and drive insights and learn from their behavior.

Provider Data Management

Improve the quality of provider data by automating validation and verification across multiple data sources.

Risk Adjustment Automation

Automate the risk adjustment process from selection of patients to hcc coding, reducing penalty risk while optimizing the costs.

Dropped off customer engagement

Re-engage with dropped off customers and drive revenue from share of wallet.

Strong Industry & Technology Experience

8th Element was founded by Business leaders who have more than 30 years experience in building technology for Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail industries.  Having setup captives and incubated technology companies across geographies, 8th Element is built on the learning from years of experience.

We are professionals focused on simplifying process as a part of our mission. We strongly believe and advocate for Process as being the key enabler for truly digital companies. 

Our team is spread across US and India with partnerships enabling a superior experience for our clients. 



Rama has more about 35 years of experience in leading large and medium sized services and product companies in USA and India



Prashanth is a serial entrepreneur having close to 25 years of experience having led technology and business for services and product companies.

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Matt is a senior executive with 30 years in direct sales and sales leadership roles in multiple industries including technology, real estate, automotive, and for the past 15 years, healthcare

Accelerate the implementation of you Digital native goals.

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